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11th - 13th May 2021

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Bootcamp Agenda

  • Day 1 - Psychology and Mindset

    Introduction to trading

    Live trading with U2FX trading team

    Session Review - Journaling

    Homework – Assignment
  • Day 2 - The Power of Compounding Trades

    Setting up your trading business as a beginner trader.

    Live trading with U2FX trading team

    Session review – Journaling

    Homework – Assignment
  • Day 3 - Let's Go

    Live trading with U2FX trading team

    Session review – Journaling

    Evaluate Bootcamp Objectives

    Compound Gain based on the results

    How we can help

    Q&A – Prize draw

About Us

U2FX Mastery is all about YOU!!!! YOU-TOO!!! We wholeheartedly believe that every single person has enormous potential beyond belief, let’s put it this way – “You are, at this very moment, standing in the middle of your own acre of diamonds” Take another look at our logo, in case you missed this!

We are extremely passionate about delivering REAL education that transforms you as a person, empowers you and enriches you. With U2 you can achieve your goals and desires as far as your imagination can see. We use a simplified approach to education in the financial markets, coupled with cutting edge tools, world-class mentorship and a support system as a vehicle for you to fast track your success. Who has the right to limit you?

Our Community

We are a team within the fastest growing online educational platform, of dynamic entrepreneurs, who have decided to live life on their terms, with freedom time and money. Change to with freedom of time, location and money. We have a presence in 120 countries so far and aim to positively impact 1,000,000 families by the end of 2021, and hopefully, you too will be one of them!

Our Services

We guide and support your learning journey as you become a master of the financial markets. In trading, the foreign forex market any learning approach that is devoid of carefully guided mentorship, correct education “skills, psychology and mindset “, and a scalable technical support system will simply not work.

This is the reason why 90% of retail traders, lose 90% of their portfolio in their first 90 days of trading the markets. Most educational establishments simply don’t care what happens to you after they have taken your money and “taught you a lesson”. They also don’t have the infrastructure in place to track your progress and deliver the fast support solutions that you will need when you are on your own in the real world. The U2FX Mastery team has brought its invaluable experience of over two decades of Business Service support, into a tailor-fitted service to Support your journey as become a master of the foreign exchange markets.



Before I met Amwazia and Kapasa, I was a novice to basic trading. First I wasn't sure how affirmations and vision boards can positively influence my motivation. But then I decided to get started because of Kapasa’s drive and resolve.

Fast forward to today, I now know the basics and could access support from them in demand. I've learnt the basics of Forex trading. The best part has been the practicals on Zoom seminars. Thank you for your commitment and generosity.


First I wasn't sure if the learning would be for me. But then I decided to get started because it was so easy to follow. Fast forward to today, I'm now so confident and even teaching others just after 3 months of joining. I've learnt more in this short space of time than ever in my adult life. The best part has been the support from Amwazia and Kapasa. Thank you for always being there to support me even. I know I have your support for life. This is the best decision I made to join this platform. I’ve learnt so much and am continuing to learn daily. There’s around the clock support.


Before I met Amwazia and Kapasa, I always wanted to learn to trade. First I wasn't sure if I could do it and where to start. But then I decided to get started because I spoke to Amwazia and she mentioned how this works and what needs to be done. Fast forward to today, I'm now trading confidently. I've learnt you are always learning. The best part has been finding my way of trading. Thank you for giving me a platform to learn and keep learning. It’s been a great experience.