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Thank you for your visit. We are Amwazia and Kapasa, the founders of U2 – we are committed to providing excellent support and tools to master financial trading so that You Too can build a life of abundance and freedom. After starting trading in the Forex market and building our team, we are excited to be able to give you these strategies and tools through our online courses and exclusive programmes. Our mission is to help you to fast-track learning the right strategies and mindset to master your craft, and our regular team meetings are a great way to keep up with productivity, motivation and resilience – all the important things needed to master your finances, your life and your destiny.

Trading Masterclass – Make Money Work for You

Discover how to become your own bank, growing your savings in the most liquid financial market on earth – without depending on your bank or advisor. Learn about Forex and the vast opportunities you can leverage now, regardless of your level of experience.

“Thank you Kapasa and Amwazia for the amazing training this evening, great bits of information you shared that will go a long way in making my trading journey and experience easier and more fun. Thank you so much again!”

Services & Solutions That Help You Grow

  • Forex Education & Tools

  • Comprehensive Member Support

  • Success Partners Scheme

  • Learn Forex

  • Discover your purpose

  • Financial Empowerment

  • Develop your confidence

  • Empower your mind

  • Create vision and goals

  • Transform your life

  • Build your own business

  • Become a leader

  • Unleash your potential

  • Advance your independence

  • Liberate yourself!



Shylet N

Before I met Amwazia and Kapasa, I was desperately looking for a ride income skill which I would do from home. First I wasn't sure if/how it was a scam or not. I was not sure if I was going to learn and earn money. I wondered if I would be able to keep up with the monthly payments.

But then I decided to get started because I researched and found out how people are making money with trading. Amwazia shared her journey with me and I was convinced. Fast forward to today, I'm now able to trade on my own, reading the charts and making an analysis. I've learnt goal setting, risk assessment, patience and self belief.

The best part has been being able to set trades at night and working up with a credited account. Thank you for Taking time with me, believing in me and your patience will ever be valued.


Alfred Shaba

Before I met Amwazia and Kapasa, I was just working as an Accountant for NGO. First I wasn't sure if/how I would learn and earn through forex.

But then I decided to get started because Amwazia and Kapasa have held my hand through the journey with IM academy. Fast forward to today, I'm now able to place a trade with confidence and earn money on my own and share the knowledge with others. I've learnt forex trading skills, how to develop myself and manage my emotions.

The best part has been Amwazia and Kapasa's deep understanding of the forex market and trading through IM Academy. And therefore, being able to share that knowledge with others. Thank you for the guidance, patience and the heart to share knowledge to many of us. God bless Amwazia and Kapasa.

U2FX Mastery – Ready, Steady, Go!

This comprehensive support is available for U2FX Mastery Members. In Ready, Steady, Go! we provide a range of tools, techniques, daily support and guidance to accelerate your personal and business growth. With this level of unique support, many have come to achieve great results in a short period of time. To get all the member benefits and register, watch how to get started in our free webinar.

“Thank you Amwazia and Kapasa, you have been such great inspiration and support and I’m super grateful for all your help.”

Success Partners – Scale Your Business

Our Success Partners are Independent Business Owners (IBO) who are looking to grow and scale their trading business and help other people gain this valuable financial knowledge and skills. Our Success Partners receive comprehensive support and tools to fast-track their business growth.

Hello from U2 Founders!

Thank you for your visit. We are Amwazia and Kapasa Chanda and we founded U2 and U2FX Mastery to help people to start, build and scale their Forex trading business. We are a married couple with four children, and have been working from home for years. We love this lifestyle and we’re passionate about helping others to achieve greatness in this field and in their life – whether it’s as a small side income, part-time or full-time – anything is possible and YOU CAN DO IT!

Not Sure What to Do?

Are you looking to learn and do trading but not sure how to get started? Maybe you’ve tried before but it didn’t quite work? Or maybe you’re not sure if it’s for you and would like more details? Financial trading provides great opportunities for everyone. If you’re not sure what to do, please get in touch with us for a chat and we can explore some options.